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[31 Mar 2013|05:06am]
what i have learned. oh the things i have learned. people still tell me i am young and have a lot to live for but i feel so old. i wonder how much older ill feel later, if i get any older. whatever man, whatever.

[01 Mar 2013|04:32am]
i always feel so alone. im gonna end up alone. i dont blame anybody but myself. i just cant seem to relate to people anymore. i wish i was a kid again and didnt give a shit about anything. but the sad thing is, i grew up and now i know my effect on people. and now i see what my actions have done to people that i really love. fuck this. im tired of being unhappy. but theres nothing i can do about it now. except run away. like i always do. i miss you. you know who you are.

[05 May 2010|12:31am]
im having one of those days again.

"when the going gets tough, the tough makes lemonade!" [22 Apr 2010|11:52am]
so everything has been going pretty great this semester until someone rammed into my car on tuesday. i dont know why dumb shit like that keeps happening. all in all, my poor lickity-split is totaled and now i have to drive a stupid rental car. and to make matters worse, its a fucking pt loser. talk about adding insult to injury. i mean im really glad to have a way of transportation but god, i fucking hate those cars. ive hated them ever since middle school when i saw a pt cruiser with flames. ugh. oh well, hopefully well be able to get some money out of those assholes so i can just get some used car.

oh well.

i still need to get out all my junk thats in my trunk. haha my dad couldnt pop my trunk so i think im gonna have to try to take it all out from the backseat. i have all my art stuff and clothes and bags that i put in there when we were moving to my gramas and i really need my stuff so i can work on my final piece for my class. and to top it all off i feel like complete shit! everything fucking hurts. i feel like an old lady haha oh well. anyway, i dont know why any of you guys would really care but i just needed to let my thoughts out in some way or else my fucking brain will explode. sorry for the pointless entry.

life goes on

[07 Apr 2010|04:10am]
why is it that no matter how hard i try, i cant sleep unless its daytime?
this is beginning to piss me off.

[30 Mar 2010|02:04am]
2 weeks and 3 days until my birthday.
excited? you bet.
broke? definitely.
do i care?...nahhhhh

im definitely going to smile to myself when i show my real ID at the bars i already go to.

it'll be just like the first time i bought myself a pack of cigarettes.
and just like that, eventually, the excitement will fade.

oh well.
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[11 Mar 2010|04:59pm]
well i havent written anything in a while. i actually kinda forgot i even had this. it just seems like ive been so busy doing this and that! life is looking mighty fine these days. i just need some more cash flow. jt is moving back in a matter of weeks, life with pips is great, school is a breeze, work is work, and i seem to find time to have fun in between. i was considering getting myself some sort of planner deal to help organize my time but it seems like i have it pretty under control this time which fucking amazes me! plus if i got myself a planner anyway i would probably lose it or forget i had it and not use it. which is a total waste of my money. the only fly on the landscape is that i havent had any time to go work out! im kinda pissed but i guess ill fit some time in this week to hit up the gym.

well, off to work! and then movie night with pips.
all in all, good day!

oh yeah and spring break is here!

my favorite things to do [24 Jan 2010|11:28pm]

jam some records
play with dogs
joke around
make ugly faces
and i like doing all these things most with you

life is getting so much better these days. ive got my head on straight and im ready for whatever curve balls life is gonna throw at me!
beach camping trip this weekend hopefully if the weather stays the same. i swear, its been so nice and breezy and sunny down here its really hard to get down in the dumps. im just glad that things are turning around! im in such a state of happiness i cant even explain.


that should sum it all up pretty well.


sometimes you just gotta learn to say fuck it. [22 Jan 2010|02:54pm]

fuck it!
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[19 Jan 2010|01:16am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

well i was wrong about myself. as usual.
after the whole josh fiasco i thought i was incapable of falling in love again.
i barred myself from ever even thinking i could love someone like that again.
or love someone period. i had lost faith in humanity altogether and i thought i would never get that back again. well, i was wrong about myself. i seem to have found someone that gives me faith in men. i didnt think there were anymore gentlemen left in the world. i thought there were only men, dudes, scum of the earth, treating women like things kinda guys. until i finally realized what i needed and what ive wanted has been under my sorry little nose this whole time. i feel like an idiot for who i have been interested in before. i know that everyone was completely wrong for me. when i think of him life is easier. i can breathe. i feel comfortable, happy, i feel like everything is gonna be ok again. i love seeing him every day, hearing his voice, hearing his laugh, seeing him smile. i love his smell, his glasses, his humor, his passions. wow. im so amazed that i feel this way again. ive been such a terrible person after josh. only trying to find satisfaction for myself. i thought thats what i needed to do, but little did i know that i just needed to find him. mi flaco. mi viejo. everytime i think of him i feel all warm and fuzzy. like nyquil but better haha! he makes me want to be a better person and i am honored to be his lady. hes a diamond, or so his mother says and i believe her. he really his amazing.

i think im in love again.
"life's a garden, dig it."


ten [04 Jan 2010|11:20am]
well its a new year.
time to start doing all the shit i was gonna do.
the valley has been nice eventhough i do miss austin and my friends and all the little things i was able to do whenever i wanted. oh well, those times will come again. i just need to be patient.
i cant wait til i start feeling better and getting my life back in order. i cant keep fucking around anymore. i want to finish school already so i can get a job and stop having to wait fucking tables or search for a meaningless job for minimum wage. whatever. i just have to motivate myself. but thats really hard to do when i have no motivation to be motivated.

my new years resolution? make wiser choices.
i think that pretty much sums everything up. its like saying "nashla, stop fucking dicking around and get your shit together" god i wish i had a little person on my shoulder telling me hey man..thats probably not such a good idea. i havent had one of those in a while. and i kinda miss it. it took all the guess work out of it.

well im off.
phase one is about to commence.
im really not that excited but eh, fuck it.
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the boys are back in town. [20 Dec 2009|08:58pm]

i think im going to go for a bike ride tomorrow.
i havent done that in a while.
maybe ill ride to moonbeans and grab some coffee.
or maybe ill ride downtown and look around to see how much has changed.
the weather better be nice tomorrow because im really stoked about this now.
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holly golightly [19 Dec 2009|04:52am]

If being me is easy from where you stand
Seeing is believing from where I am
Try being me if you think you can
You think I got it easy
Try being me

And if then you do
I did before
I did it all before you
And so much more
Everything you see, you see, I already saw
You want something new to see
Try being me

Walk a mile in my shoes
Walk a mile in my shoes
Walk a mile in my shoes
Walk a mile in my shoes

If being me is easy from where you stand
Seeing is believing from where I am
Try being me if you think you can
You think I got it easy
Try being me

Walk a mile in my shoes

[17 Dec 2009|02:26pm]
well i think most of my room is now packed.
im gonna miss the small things i take for granted here.
im gonna miss some people that i wont see for a while.
but im still very much excited.
i just wish i had someone who wanted to be with me.
sometimes i get the feeling that people settle.
oh well, the time will come when its right.


tachi is the my little boober that i love so very much.
im pretty sure ill miss him the most.
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phase one of project valley bound [13 Dec 2009|05:48pm]

let the frustration begin!
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[24 Nov 2009|11:29am]
i like the way you go through my livejournal deleteing shit you dont like.
this is my life, the way i live it. i dont give a shit if its embarrassing to you. stop trying to hack my accounts and get out of my life.

oh and by the way. if you ever try to contact me in any way again, i will not hesitate to use my protective order against you and send your sorry ass to jail. this is the last time im letting you do any physical harm to me or breaking into my apartment without any consequences. dont talk to me or my family.
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[19 Nov 2009|02:13pm]
the get up kids melted my heart
oh my god best show of my fucking life.
beer for fucking breakfast!!!
god if i can only go back in time and relive that moment over and over and overrr


[18 Nov 2009|12:20am]
i wish i didnt always feel like second best.
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new friend [16 Nov 2009|03:04pm]
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disconnected [19 Oct 2009|08:13pm]
i fucking hate everyone.

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